Coordinate mass conversion service

Upload a file that contains coordinates in one (or several) formats and get them back converted to all supported formats.

Input file format

Input file is is a text file following the format described bellow.

rowid1,62.21,31.21,wgs84      # first value (rowid) can be anything: it is returned in the result as it is  
rowid2,62.21,31.21            # if format not given, assumes same as above
rowid3,62.24,33.21            # for decimal types must use dot as decimal separator
rowid5,6345,3378              # for ykj a shorter format can be used (zeros will be added to get full length)
# everything after #-sign is ignored (comments)
Coordinate formats that can be used in the input file

Bellow are listed all the values that can be used as type -value in input file format. They are case-insensitive (wgs84 vs WGS84).

All lat,lon values are given in N and E coordinates (so S and W coordinates are given minus signed).

Same formats are used in output file, plus a couple extra format that are not supported for input file.

Type Example value Notes
etrs89 31.025 ETRS89 is in practice the same thing as WGS84
wgs84 -11.0 WGS84 is in practice the same thing as ETRS89
etrs89-degrees (d)ddmmss
for example -1213112 = -121°31'12"
ETRS89 ~ WGS84
wgs84-degrees (d)ddmmss
for example 10107 = 1°1'7"
WGS84 ~ ETRS89
euref 6657204 (N) 329900 (E) Euref coordinates are also known as ETRS-TM35FIN and TRS-TM35FIN. Unit is meters. Cut-off values can not be used (unlike with Uniform coordinates).
uniform 6354717 (N) 3367456 (E) or
6354 (N) 3367 (E)
Uniform coordinates are also known as YKJ and KKJ yhtenäiskoordinaatit. Unit is meters. Shorter format can be used. Zeros are added to get full length.
kkj-decimal 31.025 KKJ geographic coordinates (not exactly the same as WGS84/ETRS89 but almost)
kkj-degrees (d)ddmmss
for example 10107 = 1°1'7"
KKJ geographic coordinates (not exactly the same as WGS84/ETRS89 but almost)
Output file format
#rowid,orig lat,orig lon,orig type,etrs89 lat,lon,etrs89-degrees lat,lon,euref lat,lon,uniform lat,lon,kkj-decimal lat,lon,kkj-degrees lat,lon,etrs89-degrees-ddd-mm-ss-formatted lat,lon,kkj-degrees-ddd-mm-ss-formatted lat,lon
rowid1,666,333,ykj,60.0167,23.9481,600100,235653,6657204,329900,6660000,3330000,60.0166,23.9513,600059,235704,60° 01' 00",23° 56' 53",60° 00' 59",23° 57' 04"
rowid2, ...
rowid3, ...

Have fun!